Where Is Your Loved One? How To Check Local Jails And Gain Their Release

Posted on: 4 August 2022

Sometimes, you may want to phone a jail right after you call a local hospital when a loved one goes missing. This presents a very stressful situation for loved ones that don't necessarily want them to be in either of those places. However, knowing that a loved one is being held in jail can be somewhat comforting. Read on for help with your search and then what you do next. 

Phone or Internet

If you have access to the internet, you can try searching for your loved one at a local jail using the inmate search function. However, not all jails keep up-to-date records of inmates. Since loved ones can set up a commissary account and fund it for inmates, a third-party business may list your loved one as an inmate even when the jail does not. You don't have to complete the form for providing your loved one money; however, just close the browser before you put in any payment information once you know where your loved one is being held.

Another way to locate a loved one is to phone the jail. Make a list of all city and county jails in your area that might be holding your loved one. All you need is their name and date of birth, and you can find out where they are, their charges, and their bail amount. Keep in mind that the bail may not have been set at the time you call but it will be set later.

How to Handle Bail

If your loved one has been denied bail, they may have been accused of a very serious crime. Those accused of committing a felony are sometimes not eligible for bail. If that is the case, consider speaking to a lawyer. Criminal defense lawyers can try to convince the judge to reconsider the bail issue. The judge needs to be assured that your loved one is not a danger to anyone, and they won't skip out on bail if it's granted.

Purchasing a Bail Bond

With a bail bond, the cost to get a loved one released from jail is a lot less expensive than paying the full bail. Bail bonds cost only a percentage of the full bail cost. The percentage varies from state to state, however.

Phone a local bail bonding agency and provide them with what you know about your loved one. The bail agent needs to know their full name, birth date, location, charges, and bail amount. They will then quote you a price to get your loved one released. Work with a local bail agent and get your loved one home where they belong.

Contact a local bail bond agency to learn more.