Saving Like A Pro

Five Little Mistakes That Could Be Draining Your Wallet Without Getting You Anything

When it comes to saving money, so many strategies require you to give something up. You don’t necessarily have to move to a smaller house, give up your manicures, or sacrifice your hobbies to spend less. Here are five little money management mistakes that could be draining money from your wallet — and giving you […]

5 Common Types Of Personal Loans

Are you looking to receive a bit of extra cash for a brief period of time? Then you should consider taking out a personal loan. However, the types of loans that you can take out can be a bit daunting. However, this brief article should serve to inform you of what type of personal loan […]

Finally Got Your Budget Nailed And Expecting A Tax Return? 3 Reasons To Opt For I Bonds

Are you expecting a tax refund this year? Is this the first year that your refund won’t be spent on a backlog of bills, and do you want to use it to start saving for your future? If so, read on for three great reasons why I Bonds are right for you. They’re Risk-Free When […]

5 Tips For Consolidating Your Debt

Debt consolidation offers several benefits, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed by too many debt payments and out-of-control interest. When you consolidate your debt, you can group several smaller debts into one overall debt, allowing you to only make one payment per month and helping to save on interest. There is more than one way […]

Start An Affordable Yet Unique Coin Collection With Test-Cut Ancient Coins

For burgeoning collectors, knowing how to start an ancient coin collection can be difficult. There are numerous different ancient coins, from all over the world and from all different eras, and some coins can be expensive. Deciding what coins to purchase first isn’t easy, especially if finances are limited. If you’re just starting to build […]

Buying Scrap Gold For Melting: 3 Tips For Cleaning The Gold Before Purification

Gold is one of the best precious metals to invest in because its value remains relatively stable. The average price of gold in 2014 is $1,266.40 per troy ounce. You can easily save a lot of money if you purchase scrap gold and melt it yourself. However, one of the downsides of purchasing scrap pieces […]

Why Can’t You Bail Your Child Out Of Jail? The Outcomes Of Juvenile Arrests

You’ve just gotten the phone call that every parent hopes to never receive — your child has been arrested, and is being held in police custody. Panicked, your immediate reaction is that you want to get your child home where you can find out what happened, monitor them, and lend the emotional support that you […]