• Medical Oncology Coding: How To Refine It For Your Practice

    If you plan on starting a new oncology practice to help diagnose and treat cancer for patients, then the coding side of this business is key to refine. You can do so — even early on — if you take these actions with your coding practices.  Verify Patient Information is Accurate Before Storing It   Your oncology practice will store a lot of patient information in its system but before doing so, make sure it's accurate.
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  • Where Is Your Loved One? How To Check Local Jails And Gain Their Release

    Sometimes, you may want to phone a jail right after you call a local hospital when a loved one goes missing. This presents a very stressful situation for loved ones that don't necessarily want them to be in either of those places. However, knowing that a loved one is being held in jail can be somewhat comforting. Read on for help with your search and then what you do next. 
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