Are There Any Bail Bonds Services That Are Provided At No Extra Fee?

Posted on: 16 December 2021

When seeking bail bonds services for the first time, you could be stressing about the amount of money that you would have to pay for this expense that you never budgeted for. And this is normal considering that not many people have experienced having a loved one arrested by the authorities, criminal charges brought against them, and them being held in jail for questioning. If this person is close to you, whether a partner or a child, you probably are ready to spend as much money as you can afford on bail bonds services so that they can return home safe and sound.

What you may be surprised to learn, though, is that you could save some money since some bail bondsmen will provide you with value-adding services at no extra cost. All you need to do is know which ones to enquire about. Keep reading for some of the bail bonds services that could be provided at no extra fee.

Consultations all day and night

Typically, businesses that will operate after hours will charge their customers higher rates once night falls, as they are probably paying their employees overtime. But this is not the case with bail bonds services. These professionals understand that run-ins with the authorities can happen at any time of day or night.

And since the loved ones of the arrested individual will be concerned and confused as to what to expect, you will find that some bail bondsmen will provide you with free consultations irrespective of the time. This can be incredibly comforting, more so if you have no idea what to expect from the bail bonds process.

Verification of outstanding warrants

While you could be under the impression that this is your loved one's first run-in with the law, you should know that people lie. As such, there could be an outstanding warrant out against your loved one that could negatively impact the outcome of their upcoming court case. To ensure that you are not blindsided, you could ask the bail bondsman whether they can check for this information with your area's police department for free.

Usually, some bail bondsmen will offer this courtesy at no extra cost, as they will also need to determine how much of a flight risk your loved one could be. Furthermore, by knowing if your loved one has lied about their criminal history, you also get the opportunity to decide whether you will go forward with the bail bonds process or not.

For more information on bail bonds, contact a professional near you.