Outsourcing Your Company's CFO Duties? Here's What Your Service Provider Should Be Able To Offer

Posted on: 16 April 2019

Are you considering outsourcing your company's CFO duties to a professional service provider? Doing so can be both cost effective and convenient as long as the CFO you decide to contract with offers the right services. Here are a few things that your outsourced CFO agent should be able to offer you and your business:

Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

You can expect your outsourced CFO to provide you with both forecasting and budgeting services, whether on a set schedule or a project-by-project basis. Instead of guessing how your sales will be affected when the season changes later in the year, your outsourced CFO can help you accurately forecast what will likely happen so you can properly prepare and budget for the season. And your CFO provider can help you forecast things such as employee turnover, training effectiveness, and even changing salary trends within your industry.

Create Solutions for Cash Flow Problems

If you're dealing with cash flow problems, small or large, you should be able to count on your outsourced CFO to identify the underlying issues and policies that are driving the cash flow problems and then create solutions to those problems. For example, they can design a more robust, effective accounts receivable system for your business if you are having problems collecting your money. And they can reconfigure the way you pay for your supplies and even your employees to save more money and improve your profit margins as time goes on.

Design a Scalable Growth Plan to Follow

Whether you're currently planning to expand your business in the coming years or you aren't sure what the future may hold, your outsourced CFO should be able to design a scalable growth plan that you can follow. The plan should be easily adjustable by yourself as necessary so you can stay on track when growing or even downsizing your business in the future. The plan should encompass all aspects of your business so nothing important, like making sure that you have enough employees to optimize productivity and sales, is overlooked.

Find and Obtain Financing For Various Needs

When you find that your business is in need of financing for any reason, the CFO that you've outsourced should not have a problem finding and obtaining the funds you are looking for. They can help you raise some capital through equity financing and introduce you to investors who might be a good fit for your business model. They'll also make sure you're negotiating interest rates and contract stipulations to ensure that they are in your company's best interest.

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