Obtaining Investment Capital and Creating Your Pitch

Posted on: 12 February 2019

If you are trying to start a new business and need capital, there are several different ways that you can secure money. You can raise your funds through your family and friends or you can speak with a bank to secure more traditional funding. You can also seek out the money through an investment company. It can be quite lucrative to secure funds through an investment firm and you will need a strong pitch to generate interest. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you with your pitches.

Complete Several Versions

Investment companies can be contacted in a few different ways. You can speak with someone over the phone to secure an in-person appointment, or you can attach your pitch to an email. The in-person and email pitches are quite different. Emailed versions should be largely text-based while in-person presentations should be more visual with product samples, graphs, and slideshows.

When it comes to your text and visual presentations, you should construct several versions of the pitches. Your first version should provide a quick overview of your product along with what you are looking for in terms of funding. You will need to outline both immediate and future needs if you require continuous financing. 

Your overview pitches are meant for the first contact while your more detailed pitches can be saved for interested parties. For example, the investment firm may set up a comprehensive meeting with staff after you make it through the initial interest phase. 

Keep in mind that many investment firms will have specific and set criteria when it comes to pitches. So, make sure you are meeting these guidelines when forming your in-depth pitch.

Include Pertinent Information

Investment firms will listen to dozens of pitches every day, and you will need to capture attention quickly if you want to obtain your investment capital. This means supplying important information in a simple, clear, and concise manner. While your personal story may be pertinent to your business and your philosophy, you really should only spend a few minutes on your background. The bulk of the presentation should revolve around your product or service.

You want to identify the problem that your product solves and how it solves this problem. You also need to identify the target market, how your product fills a void in the market, and how you intend to sell the item. 

You will also need to be clear about how much capital you need and how the investment company will benefit from providing you with the money.

If you are unsure about how to pitch your product or how to obtain money, speak with a business that focuses on capital raising